Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to my Roots

So half the guild is looking into AoC (I will as well, check it out and see if I like it. Necromancer, here I come), the other half is still in WoW (as I am). The first WOTLK info is coming in and I have dreams about my first hero-love.


When I first got into PC-gaming (rather late) I played diablo and UT, followed by Warcraft III. That was the game that got me hooked (though I played A LOT of D2 as well). I tried all races and fell in love with the undead, always picking the deathknight as my 1st hero and creeping the first mobs with some ghouls and the amazing deadcoil spell. I played the game for 3 years or so, never being a top contender, but good enough to play in the midfield. I watched replays of UD players and once got 4K.Grubby (me and my ex-wife knew him and invited him to a LAN at our place) to play UD in ladder while watching him (I never ever saw somebody that fast. Really unbelievable and really fun to have one of the world’s best in your house at your pc) defeating opponent after opponent. The good old times.

I read the supposed DK talent tree

and I like it. Sounds like a char I would play and my state of mind currently is to level a DK (as will a lot of people I suppose) once WOTLK comes out. He is good and bad, he is strong, he is Arthas the deathknight. There is no doubt it will be an undead-deathknight as, in my opinion, there is no other suitable race.

Arthas will rule again!

…and I will play him to perfection.

-- Zhero (currently scoring with rogue/lock/paladin, lovely setup)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lawl arthnaab!! Can you remember our 2v2 3th spot in KLOTE tilburg? Human harrasment nicked us a few games there haha. Alltho we went rly scraps anyway! We p00ned n00bs!

cu's at arena time, laters
szwok out

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stupid of blizzard to make a dk for all races , there is only 1 dk and it's ud !!!.

conan rules btw necro is really powerful, and zhero dude you were always slow to switch games ;)

i think you made the comment , nah ill stick with ryzom and wc3 (or what ever it was called) wow will probably be nothing much :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

always listen to deadpool btw ;)


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