Friday, May 16, 2008

Feral Madness

Since I am de-la-suck in staying with one character, I decided (for now. Lol) to continue in the feral business with my druid for season IV. I respecced, found 2 karazhan-epix in my bank and bought the blue pvp-set while grabbing a green ring and a green staff from the auctionhouse. I gemmed them with green gems (i do have the gold for blue gems, but am saving for a lot of time for epic flight form now and can’t seem to get above 2k gold), put on some cheap enchants and am ready to go.

Much to my surprise I noticed:
Attackpower: 2049
Critchance: 30.18%

hehe, there's nothing like a big bear in your face!

Holy shit! Seems like high numbers to me with such gear. This ofourse was done with a rogue-view on them, so after some bg’s I view them now correctly. It’s ok, but nothing special. Shredding sometimes gives high numbers and I already had my 3k ferocious bite, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Best thing about feral:

15% speed bonus again!!!

Who cares about 1,5 second cast scare beast with 30 yard range (it’s funny in bg’s though where you get feared all over the map by happy hunters) when you can run fast again. I get the most out of it in Orgrimmar where I am significally faster when I do my mailbox to auction-house runs.

I love it.

As we all know, i can’t break 1850, but still play for the points (and the wellfare epix. I hate that term especially since I think that I am a good PvE-er, better than a lot of others who walk in PvE epix. Wellfare my ass!) My druid/warrior team dropped another 50 points to something like 1675 or so, while my rogue/paladin went 12-1 and won a whopping 150 points. From 1600 to 1750. We only encountered 1 warrior/druid team and managed to beat that one. I made a mistake against a retridin/rogue team and let the paladin drink back up that is what costed us that 1 match. We slaughtered them next match though, but it was nice for a change to see how fluent it went. It at least puts us in a range where some lucky lineups can bring us to 1850. Best of all my buddy Szwok plays like a madman as a healer (something he used to be very sucky at).

The Island is gankparadise. Last time i got 1100 honor in 1 hour with ganking (do you even realise how much nicer that is compared to BG’s and yes I know I get more honor in BG’s). Too bad all the PvE-ers that are farming there now, will be gone soon. It’s like a fishingspot where you know it ends once a certain season starts. All this ganking results in a lot of whines (on the forum you only see alliance whine though) but in game also Horde does not like it. (but don’t stop plx)

For my fellow skullcrusherians. I managed to kill an AFK Effectivity. Hooray me!

Weird guildname (on a hunter, it figures)

Nowadays you see them a lot, but I screened this one the first time i saw it. Lovely.

-- Zhero (bought the new pvptrinket and has 519 resilience now. what 519? yes 519!)


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