Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Insane in the membrame

Druid, priest, priest, druid. I am not sure what i am playing at the moment, cause like the true reroller I am, i change on a daily basis. Though I am currently enjoying both, i did something irreversable.

I started with "the Insane" achievement.


I am not sure, but it is certainly something that i do not recommend to other people.

Maybe I want to stand out in a certain way. God knows I suck too much to get any arenaratings going (not even after 4 years of trying so), I am not the hardcore raider, cause I have a hard time meeting time-requirements, so no outstanding Gearscore to be standing still in Dalaran while getting whispered 'Nice Gear' by random players. Or maybe i am just a little Insane in the Membrame. Possibly a combination of all those above.

Possibly i want to be this guy:

or maybe not :D

- Done with Bloodsail Admiral (4 hours of killing gnomes in Booty Bay)
- Done with exalted with all gnomes (running approx. 120 DM North runs and doing the rescue quest)
- Done with exalted Shendralar (yes, those are the night elves in Dire Maul). Pretty expensive this one.
- Closing in on Darkmoon exalted (delivering 100+ decks, still 14 to go for me) REALLY EXPENSIVE
- Have to start pickpocketing 1400 lockboxes to get exalted with Ravenholdt (grinded to revered, that is the easy, really boring, part) NOT looking forward to this.

So i will finish it, cause i started it. I don't know why. Probably I will never know why.

-- Zhero (insane in the membrane, should put it in my Curriculum Vitae!)

PS: Artanias is back in the game. Again, 4th time or so? That dude is a bad quitter.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Arena, Nimra and Goldsellers

I’ve been playing with High Faillord Sarabelle (elemental shaman) and Nimra (destruction warlock) with Maro (disc priest with satin(=crit)set and gems). I used to pack 980 resilience but cut back to 780 (now 854 with furious. Hooray for free upgrades) in favor of spellpower since i was lacking that. Now I run at 2100 sp selfbuffed and 19% crit.

I use a 57/14 build with divine aegis (shield on person when i crit with a heal) and inspiration (25% extra armor when i critheal people). With 19% base crit and all my talents I crit a lot and have those shields and extra armor up all the time. As you can imagine, I severly lack regen, but that is because when I am oom and my partners don’t have something down yet, stuff is going in the wrong direction anyway. This is working out ok, I can keep my guys alive through double dps and glyph of painsuppression makes sure I can do it while CC-ed as well. These guys nuke very very hard and 25k warriors can go down in 2 gcd’s. With hex, fear, aoefear and seduce we have ‘ok’ cc.

Tuesdaynight we were at 1648 rating, 2 points short of furious ring (i was honorcapped, so waiting for this baby) and decided to do 10 games. It were the only games of the week since all kinds of festivities made it hard to get online with the 3 of us earlier that week. While we reeched this rating with 80-70 stats (so a bit over 50%) we now started very well. We took down 5 in a row and the system started pairing us with high teams (2k +). This is where it really was strange, because we kept a clean winning rate against teams with projected (and some real) ratings between 1850-2200 and quit after being up 14-5 and being on 1790. It went real smooth. Maybe the lots of games were paying off or maybe it is just the fun we have while playing. There is no bitching, no pointing, just remarks and new plans which we try to carry out. We laugh whether we win or lose and keep a positive attitude all the time and it seems to work (or maybe we were just lucky that evening :D). I can find the buttons more fluently, don’t feel so vulnerable anymore and have a better feel for the damage being dealt to Nimra and Sarabelle, so let them die less frequent.

Ofcourse it is no high-level arena, but I feel at least very good about getting this comp towards 1800. Nice, very nice.

Nimra is a girl?
Talking about Nimra, I found out something disturbing. We were playing late and talking on Skype when he mentioned it was time to quit. He logged out and while i was landing in Ratchet I noticed this in general.
Disturbing to say the least. So Nimra logs out, lies to me about going to sleep and logs in his bloodelf paladin, asking people to join his guild which misleadingly is called “I AM A GIRL” trying to get some cybering going with the male population. I ofcourse did not respond ingame as I think we all are allowed to have some secrets. I quietly logged out and let him have his fun.

It is still disturbing though…

Goldsellers annoying, annoy them back!

-- Zhero/Maro/Maix (learning feral atm)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

HI, I Am Stupid

Hi I Am Stupid.

Is it just me or do others have this problem as well. I was fanatically playing my priest for the last weeks without bothering to login any others. Well, i levelled my lock a bit, i quested some JC-dailies for gold with my druid a bit and i logged my paladin to play some arena to help out someone. But that was all very insignificant. And then the following happened:

My priest was honorcapped (72k, waiting to get rating to buy stuff) and I saw myself logging in my druid. Somehow I checked his achievementpoints and noticed that I had 4k (which is 1k more than my priest) and I ran through the list to see what I had. 20 exalted reputations….nice! (that saves time a devilish voice in my head said) and without any resistance my druid moved to felwood.

Devil: “They love you in that tunnel, dude”
- me: No, please no.
Devil “Well ok, they don’t now, but they are going to….
- me: No man, leave me alone. Please
Devil: “You want it. you want that awesome trinket. You want your name mentioned by Thrall. YOU WANT TO SLAY THOSE FURBOLGS. YOU’RE THE MAN!

“They love you in that tunnel”
“They love you in that tunnel”
“They love you in that tunnel”

- me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ME!!!!!!!!! TAKE NIMP AGAIN!!!!!!!

But it was a done deal. My mind had no control over my hands and I took the flightpath to Felwood and started to mow them down. 1600/3000 lol, this is going to take a while.

“They love you in that tunnel”
“They love you in that tunnel”
“They love you in that tunnel”

4 hours later

So, is this a reroll? -- yes, probably
Again? – yes
You stupid? – arghhh

To make things worse, i respecced feral and since i had no gear, i auctionhoused for up to 2k and got myself a blue, bad set and was noobing in AB with it.

Hi, I Am Stupid

-- Zhero/Maro/Maix (seems they made this grind A LOT easier. You need to farm 350 feathers while going to revered at 20points/mob. Not that hard)

PS: I have some more shit, but it will have to wait till tomorrow since I have no time left here :D (stay tuned, i discovered a deeply hidden secret about my arenapartner Nimra. Since the people should know, i can do nothing other than bring it out in the open)

The thruth must and shall be told.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back again, like the true reroller I am

Last update oktober 28th 2008. That is a long time ago and I wonder who will be the first (10 gold for you, just write a comment) who will notice that I am back. For how long? Nobody knows, not even me.

Achievements are a pain for rerollers like myself. I've rerolled from druid to paladin to a priest now. Yes, I made a priest (because it is actually one of the few classes (warrior/shaman/dk are the others) which I did not play at endgamelevel. I levelled it together with my friend Sorcia (he on a hunter which he has abandoned already, then levelled his priest which he abandoned as well and now back on his paladin. But that aside) and the powerlevellinghelp of High Warlord Sarabelle. Now each time i reroll i promise myself not to achievementwhore anymore, but everytime after a few weeks i go discover all those fricking places all over again. They should make me uber-explorer or give me a "Columbus"-title for doing it again. When Blizzard finally figures that achievements should be account-bound, I bet they would see a hefty increase in people that try to get them.

Fishing and Cooking
Instead of running round like a headless chicken, or headless owl as you prefer since i did that last time on my druid, I decided to do it otherwise this time. I normally run from achievement to achievement ending up in doing all of them half and completing some I did not know even existed cause they pass my path. Now I choose Cooking+Fishing to go for first, without worriyng about other achievements. Ofcourse I take them when they come along, but i do not go out of my way. I levelled cooking and fishing to 400 in the mean time, am busy with their dailies (outland and wotlk) and try to get as many realistically reachable achievements before moving on to another achievement-area (which will be quests, since they net gold which is always good, even when i reroll).

Only playing 1 comp which is destrolock (Nimp), ele shammy (Sarabelle) and disc priest (me, with satin-set cause of the burst). We're at 1650, very slowly climbing. The reason for being disc with critgear is a slightly different build which gives extra armor and an extra shield when i crit. This is needed to keep the 2 guys alive against double melee to gain extra time. I do not have lasting power (regen is non existent), but people should be dead against 2 casters. I downgraded my resilience from 1000- to 780 in favor of some extra sp+ crit (2000+ now and 20% crit) so my heals mean something. Positive side to all this is that it is actually a nice pve-spec when you have manabatteries going for you. And I can safely dual-spec to shadow and my gear is instantly good. (I actually own in bg's as shadow)...

let me rephrase that: I actually own.

-- Zhero/Maro

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I took the day off, so was already patching. Lovely new loginscreen

Looking forward (or not?) to 1 month of mages and pala's 2-shotting everything. Haha, and now Art quits. o_O

-- Zhero

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Exalted! and Art has left the building.

I am exalted with Shatari Skyguard! A good session with the help of Milkstalker, Lightyears, Daymare and Tool gave me some Terokk kills (500 rep) and some 10 subbosses (100 rep) together with a massive slaughter of birds in Skettis. Scarymary helped me with the last rep as I used my last 30 scrolls. It feels good to close something.

On to the next faction!

I have been doing the lowby quests so i am exalted with Orgrimmar atm and closing in on exalted with Undercity and the Darkspear Trolls. I am still far away from exalted with the Blood Elves, so I might not finish that before WotlK. Other factions that I might do are Mag’har and Consortium since those can be easily solo grinded. (warbeads and zaxxis insignia’s + prison keys). More grindfun in those moments I am able to play. Grinding is relaxing for me, so no worries there.

I bought the moonkinbelt from my last honorpoints and marks, so no more action needed in that area. I got the Nathrazim Mindblade from the Prince in Karazhan which is very good for moonkins due to the crit that it has, so I have no more need for the Merciless Gladiator Staff.

Artanias quit
Long time member Artanias quit the game. He ended his subscription and announced his leave last night. He came to Ravens early in the game as a resto shaman who was focussed on mp/5 (which was ‘kinda’ new at that point) then deleted his shaman in the end to create an alliance druid with the same name on our server. We kinda lost touch there, besides the few times we met him in battlegrounds (I might still have that frapsmoment and will link it later where Nimpie on his hunter kills Art on his feral druid). I will ask Nimpie if I don’t have it. It belongs here. Art on his druid was actually a pretty good ganker and pvp-er. That was even before feral was buffed and considered a valid spec. Then he deleted his druid, rerolled Horde again with an undead mage and became one of our best pvp-ers in the guild after it took him ages to get to 70.

I got to know Art when he was 16 and saw him grow as a person till 19. I liked the player and the person and enjoyed it when he went all crazy on Skype when he died playing on his ps3 or was killed by a hunter or a warlock.

Cya Art!

My guess is that you will be back, but to be able to come back you need to go away first and explore your other interests.

-- Zhero (looking forward to WotLK)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

7 weeks and what to do?

It is 7 weeks till WotlK (and where the f*ck stays that patch?)! I think they will bring in the patch rather late, because it will fuck up the balance so much that they can not let that last for 7 more weeks. On the other hand they should keep people interested enough for them not to move to warhammer where 7 weeks is still enough time to go from let’s-Try-this-game-till-WotLK-hits-the-stores to zomg-i-already-closed-my-account-cause-i-am-addicted-to-Warhammer. Must be nasty to make such decisions. Personally I would throw in the patch in 2-3 weeks and announce it now. 3-5 weeks of total imbalance is still doable i guess.

What am I doing in the meantime? Basicly I am not doing any arena or battlegrounding (I have 14k honor, I wonder if grinding an extra 13 is still worth it and buy the boomkinstaff or I just buy some boomkinbracers and leave it at that), but spend my time doing things which still are usefull in 7 weeks.

It’s not my factionsheet here, but I am busy grinding rep when I am online and this picture is a motivator. Since knowing about achievements (and my possible addiction to them) I was thinking if I could do things so that my time is not thrown away. Reputation it is. I am not exalted with Orgrimmar, Trolls, Thunder Bluff or Undercity, so I am working on that. Since my IQ sometimes drops 100 points and it can take 30 minutes for it to come back, I was grinding runecloth in Tyr’s Hand (of all places) to deliver for 75 reputation per stack. After 30 mins (and 100 cloth) I alt-tabbed and realized that the reputation you get from lowby quests is very high. I ported, took the road through Razor Hill all the way to ‘The Den” aka starting area for Trolls and Orcs. I killed 10 mottled boars -à 350 rep, I collected 10 apples -à 500 rep. I think you got it now? This is absolutely insane and works wonders. I got like 9k Orgrimmar + Darkspear Trolls reputation from doing the quests in Razor Hill, The Den and Crossroads. Not to mention the hidden reputation you gain for the other Horde factions.

In the mean time, I am working in Skettis to gain Shatari Skyguard reputation (almost revered now) and me and Nimp are working on the Onyxia questline (the good old days). We did LBRS in 20 minutes with all bosses down and a fully gemmed key for UBRS. Amazing how fast you can go when you stealth through everything and just kill the boss.

I remember a 7 hour visit to LBRS back in the days when the documents randomly spawned at a boss and only 1 could loot it. Then you had to go back to another boss (respawns all over) to see if it was there and so on untill all in the group had it. And this was before any nerfs, so loads of mobs, very hard pulls and wipes only to discover that, at 03:30 on a weekday, 1 member of the group still needed the documents….

So still enough to do and if you are interested in fulfilling the 3000 quest done achievement don’t forget to do one of the coolest questlines in the game: The questline (23 quests) of the Fallen Hero of the Horde. It all starts with this quest:
I did it on my warlock at 60 and while the first quests are pretty easy, the end was pretty hard (because we did it with 2 people including fighting the demon at the end). The quest now suggests 2 people but that is at lvl 70 :D

-- Zhero (never bored, never out of stuff to do)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reset is coming

Contrary to what i thought (and read), it seems honor WILL be reset. Deadpool sent me the news just a few seconds ago.

"As many of you know we will be featuring a new Battleground, a dedicated world PvP zone and all new PvP items in Wrath of the Lich King. In order to make the transition from The Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King flow as smoothly as possible, all accrued honor points will be reset at the launch of the expansion. We do this to ensure select players do not have an unfair advantage at level 80 from stockpiling honor to instantly purchase the newest Wrath of the Lich King PvP rewards. For those with unspent honor points prior to the release of the expansion, we will be offering a few upgrades and special rewards in next content patch solely for purchase via the honor system.

All Honor Tokens will be wiped as well. This reset should happen right before the launch of Wrath of the Lich King."

It seems we need to stockpile honor till the patch and then spend it! I wonder which overpowered goodies are coming...

-- Zhero (I just spend 40k on my trinket goddamnit!)

edit: these seem to be the items to buy:;cr=131:93;crs=1:1;crv=0:0
trinkets are 35k and 40 av
cloaks are 20k and 20 ab


After spending 40k on the epic version of Medaillon of the Horde i was done with my feral set. Not done in a way that I did not like it anymore, but done in the sense that I had no idea how to optimize it more. The only way would be arena, but since I am not playing arena that much anymore atm, i decided not to try and push it.

Instead I went for a new challenge (gotta keep ourself challenged one way or the other) and specced full moonkin (not restokin). No other gear than my healing gear, but after doing a few BG’s I get the idea that crit is what makes the boomkin dangerous. Ofcourse there is no crit on the healparts, so I am slowly changing my gear and it already feels very good.

Boomkins can hurt you. Like any caster that you leave alone, he/she is dangerous. In BG’s it is about positioning now (went 22-1, 20-2 and 9-0 (5-0 game) in a row yesterday with most damage done in all games). I can’t do damage if they hit me, so choose your position and nuke. Lovely! I still need a lot of practise in 1v1 i noticed, but that will be something to work on.

I bought wyrmhide gloves yesterday and regemmed all my healing gear. It only adds up to a lousy 18% crit (when you are used to almost 50% crit in feral that feels kinda low), but I am not sure how high you can get it. I’ll keep you posted :D (arenapoints will be lost, so better spend them, honor will stay, but since we don’t know what marks we need etc. I would not aim at 4x100 marks and 75k honor too hard).

It sure feels good to starfire for 4200k and do 2 wraths for 2300 and a 1200 moonfire ender in a few seconds. (lucky streak on a mage yesterday)!

As with most people I hardly win anything special in these events (like a mount), but now the first time there the kodo dropped and I won. Lovely!

I have no screenshot with me but here is a link to the kodo ingame. Looks really awesome.

I picked up all the trinkets as well (feral/heal/moonkin) as well as the roleplay 45 stamina thing where you have to wave to the female brewmaster. Nice stuff those free epix.

Since I will continue with this druid, I will level the cooking. I noticed I did not even train it. Levelling professions is more difficult from 200-300 than from 300-375 (and that will probably be the case as well when we go to 80). To make it a bit easier it is a nice target to set for the 8 weeks we will still have to wait for WotLK to get that to 375. After all who knows what WotLK will bring in terms of food that enhances abilities. Better to be max level then.

Grinded some in Skettis as well. I can summon Terokk 3 times now. Nimp and I thought it would be fun to kite him to Shattrah. We did not try it yet, but i’ll be sure to fraps it might we do it.

Stay tuned.

Not happy with your char? Try a different spec. This shaman did.

-- Zhero (thinks they should make a female version of the moonkin)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Island Fun

Maix is fully epic gemmed now (the feral set that is). I made the last gem this morning after buying all the recepies of the vendor. (wtf 50g each, that was a lot of gold. 1500 or so?). I collect gold by doing the Island-dailies. If you do them all, it is easily 200g, greenies, lots of cloth and sometimes a badge plus 4k rep. I am exalted for some time now, but the gold is still good and nothing farms as quick as a feral druid thanks to improved Leader of the Pack.

I did all Netherstorm quests as well for gold (lots of gold if you put some time in it. Rep is the extra bonus) and I was doing Skettis as well. Nice quest where you get to be a birdy! That would make a nice new druid form.

But I am doing dailies with Nimp when this appears

Now I am not really interested in sucking someone’s cock, but this ofcourse has some backgroundstory to it though it might have been a genuine gesture as well if it is an honor to suck this guy’s cock. Too bad I never heard of the guy nor seen his cock sucked by other people. I might have missed it since I am not always “in the scene” and maybe have to read in the comments that I missed an opportunity here.

Since above is unlikely, let me give you the events that lead to this.

The quest to get the 3 ore is an annoying one. Droprate (sometimes) sucks, lots of people farming them and by the time you have 3 keys, you have bombed over 200 Greengrill Slaves out of pure boredom. Nimra and myself were teaming up for the dailies and arrived at this point. Lots of people there, no male naga’s to be seen so we move to the very end of the beach in the hope we will find some. We did and I run towards him as I see this shadowpriest running as well. Tagging war it seems and instead of using shadowword death, he dots them up and I mangle for the first damage. I continue further to gather 2 more male naga’s while nimp kills them behind me leaving no naga’s for the shadowpriest.

Speed is important in farming.

It did not take long for the whisper to come in. I expected this as the average WOW-community is not hard to read. This guy reacts accordingly. I love it when I am right.

The following discussion follows and it feels like beating a puppy. Being put on ignore is like playing an online 1v1 and the other one pulls the plug, cause he knows he is beaten, but just does not want to admit it. All fine by me, the taste of victory is still sweet. Though I know it is not fun when mobs are being tagged in front of you while you wanted to tag them, it is absolutely not ok to go out like that in my opinion.

His attempt at owning me with "Jorge and last night" goes lost cause i type in between. The "12-year old" is a typical last attempt at saving face. I read one argument and that was swept away swiftly.

Putting someone on ignore is a sign of weakness.

My ignorelist is still empty…

-- Zhero (afraid of achievements and my possible addiction to them)

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Kitten Hurts

Yes, I am still here. Yes, I still play WoW and yes I did not write for a long time. Reason unknown or as it pops in my head “I could not be bothered”. Hell, I might have even forgotten about this blog if it wasn’t for “Hos” a warlock on my server that asked me when I would start writing again. That actually made me feel good.

Friday afternoon at the office seems like an appropriate time to start writing again.

Quick char/gear update to cover 3 months of inactivity.

Lock Zhero:
Full s3/s4 (without shoulders and weapon cause I am a noob). 540 resilience! Lol.
I’ve had numerous discussions about this, but chance-to-be-crit still goes down, dot-damage still goes down, just the reduction from critdamage stays at –25%. Since I am the primary target in every arenamatch, it seemed like a good idea. Never bothered with the lock after I used my 75k honor and 5k arenapoints at the start of the season. He sees play a bit lately and I started regemming/respeccing him to what top-locks have (hell, i was thought years ago that it is better to ‘copy’ a good idea than to franticly trying to make it work yourself)

Druid Maix
My precioussssssss. I love this female cow and never had any regrets dumping my lvl 62 MALE (arghhh) cow druid and relevelling a female cow druid. I had s3 healing gear (without blablabla cause i suck blablabla. Old news) and decided to go feral for S4. Not only did I go feral, but decided to really max her out as much as I could. So epic gems all over the place. Still got some S2 parts, but i got points and honor, just no rating. BUT SHE IS AMAZINGLY MUCH FUN TO PLAY. Why bother with other classes if you have a char which can change into something else for 50g? I respecced her healing now to get 1600/1650/1700 with my Lockfriend Nimra to be able to buy the gear. We did not manage any yet, but that will come. YES: CYCLONE IS THAT HARD!

I grinded 5k in 3 days for my epic flightform. Sometimes I think I was a goldfarmer before i reincarnated in a not so succesful arenaplayer. Epic flightform is awesome. I bought 3 epic flying mounts before, but this gave a lot of satisfaction. Even the quests for it are fun to do.

Levelled enchanting to 375 and jewelcrafting to 375 (do you guys have any idea how expensive it is to level from 200 to 300. I think I spend 2k gold on that. No joke L )

My preciousssssssssssss. She will be the first to 80 as it stands now. (and maybe the only one? o_O?!!)

Hunter Jasmina
Made her 70, grinded some honorstuff, levelled a stupid scorpion to best friend (how stupidly long does that take btw) and put her back on hold.

Rogue Kirosta
Full S3 without blablabla. You know. Doing nothing with him besides filling up teams for 10 games and grinding primal airs.

Paladin Soni
Auctionwhore and transmutebot. Good part about having her 70 is that i get a discount cause i am revered with Orgrimmar while depositing unsellable stuff in the auction house.

Mage Sonia
Levelled her to 68,5 for reasons unknown. She will get 70 somewhere before WotlK.

Let’s leave it at this and talk more about my hurting kitty next time. I’ll leave you with some random stuff

- feral druids are hard in arena, cause we can not cause a healing debuff (our damage is fine there)
- when i played with nimkin with my rogue 2v2. (Nimkin as in Nimkin of the Bandit) we went down very low and walked into full s3 war/pala at 1400 rating (THANK YOU CYCLONE, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?)
- I ravaged a mage for 4290 in BG’s.
- I messed up a 37 minute druid/hunter vs. druid/lock (us) fight by letting our pet die 5 times. I am still rusty at healing (read: I suck, but this explanation is plausible).
- I am still in Ravens but not PvE-ing at all (though I need 150 badges for the staff. I had 90 and then spend 60 on the cloak. I am like a woman with money in her pocket. It won’t be there when the shops close)
- I bought a PS3 and busy with hard on Guitar Hero III in between.

-- Zhero

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A day to remember

I like festivals. I am not sure what I exactly like about them as I usually end up in extreme situations, but they seem to satisfy me in one way or another. Last Sunday I went to Pinkpop. It is the second largest festival in Holland and it lasts three full days. I bought a ticket for the last day Sunday and went down there (2,5 hour drive and YES it is on the other side of Holland. I actually think it is the furthest I can drive without leaving Holland. Thankgod for a small country!) with some friends.

All week we were watching the weather (hey Roskilde is still fresh in our minds) praying for it to be dry.

Well, it was dry

Not only that

It was a clear blue sky, no wind at all and 30 degrees or something. Now I am your average gamer, which means I like it behind my PC. I am not very fond of the sun and my skin turns from pale white, to red, to loose skin all over my burned body, to pale white again. There are hardly places to hide and those few places are crowded with lots and lots of people. 65k people there on Sunday i read later. In the morning it wasn’t very hot, so after an easy drive (we left at 06:00) and a small breakfast we enter the terrain to get us some beers. One of the 24-year old girls we brought with us, would drive us back. Lovely!

We started the festival at 11:00 or so with Fiction Plane. This is a band with the son of Sting (The Police (for those over 30)) as their lead singer. If you were not watching, you would actually think it was Sting himself. I considered Fiction Plane an ‘OK Band’ which means it is all fine if you leave the scene to get beer in between and miss a song or two.

Next band was ‘The Wombats’. This is really a refreshing band with happy melodies. Beer + Wombats = good times. So I sat this one out and made a mental note to download some of their stuff.

‘The Hives’ was next. These guys rock. A nice show with hardly any time to get beer, cause we enjoyed them so much. Their podiumskills were undeniable as well and good interaction with the public. But wtf is that burning sensation on my arms, in my neck and on my face?

We grabbed some food, and drank some more and discovered the sun owned us bigtime, but it was too late already. I started protecting my neck with my sweater which I brought along for unknown reasons as it was really hot. My neck survived but my arms and face were glowing and with each second the sun got me, i burned more.
I started throwing down glasses of water to make sure I did not dry out and we sat down to enjoy some food.
A new act was coming on. Serj Tankian. No clue on what he was, I listened and was suprised in a very pleasant way. I recognized his voice immediatly. He is the lead singer of System of A Down. ZOMG! W000000t. Now make sure to download some of his stuff, cause this guy is amazing.

We continued to Queens of A Stone Age, which is just good music and clearly made for live performances. It was cooling down and I started on beer again while waiting for the main act.

Rage Against The Machine
Wow, I was more than surprised. These guys broke up 7-8 years ago, came back last year to perform live again and are here now. AND THEY ARE AWESOME LIVE. You know: some bands just don’t have it live, but these guys are playing cd-quality live on stage with a good podium act. What more do you want? It was the perfect closure of a festival-day. I loved their intro. Here it is.

The trip back took us 2hours extra because of traffic jam and I was home at 04:00 or so, completely broke, completely burned (out) and with feet that were killing me, but I felt great. This was another day I did enjoy to the fullest. Then I remembered I had to bring my daughter to school the next day. I put my alarm on 07:30 and still went to sleep with a smile.
Life is great

-- Zhero (more festivals to come, more great days ahead!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi, I am mr. Stupid!

Two months ago or so I had to reinstall my PC due to some viruses which f*cked it up beyond repair. And since reinstalling is so much easier than trying to fix the problems (while never knowing if you fixed it all) I decided to do that. Ofcourse I was too lazy to look for any antivirusprogram and install it because i would take better care and not be unlucky this time. Yeah right!

So last night I reinstalled my PC again after looking for subtitles to ‘Zombie Strippers’ which should be a horrible movie, but 2 of my friends insisted on seeing it. I was already too far in it, before I realized I was exposed and vulnerable. Viruses came from all corners and struck powerfully (subtitlesites and my security suck. And using IE sucks as well ofcourse). They got me. Again. 2-0. Game, set and match.

I suck so hard sometimes.

-- Zhero (waiting for S4 as I am reaching 5k arenapoints)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to my Roots

So half the guild is looking into AoC (I will as well, check it out and see if I like it. Necromancer, here I come), the other half is still in WoW (as I am). The first WOTLK info is coming in and I have dreams about my first hero-love.


When I first got into PC-gaming (rather late) I played diablo and UT, followed by Warcraft III. That was the game that got me hooked (though I played A LOT of D2 as well). I tried all races and fell in love with the undead, always picking the deathknight as my 1st hero and creeping the first mobs with some ghouls and the amazing deadcoil spell. I played the game for 3 years or so, never being a top contender, but good enough to play in the midfield. I watched replays of UD players and once got 4K.Grubby (me and my ex-wife knew him and invited him to a LAN at our place) to play UD in ladder while watching him (I never ever saw somebody that fast. Really unbelievable and really fun to have one of the world’s best in your house at your pc) defeating opponent after opponent. The good old times.

I read the supposed DK talent tree

and I like it. Sounds like a char I would play and my state of mind currently is to level a DK (as will a lot of people I suppose) once WOTLK comes out. He is good and bad, he is strong, he is Arthas the deathknight. There is no doubt it will be an undead-deathknight as, in my opinion, there is no other suitable race.

Arthas will rule again!

…and I will play him to perfection.

-- Zhero (currently scoring with rogue/lock/paladin, lovely setup)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Feral Madness

Since I am de-la-suck in staying with one character, I decided (for now. Lol) to continue in the feral business with my druid for season IV. I respecced, found 2 karazhan-epix in my bank and bought the blue pvp-set while grabbing a green ring and a green staff from the auctionhouse. I gemmed them with green gems (i do have the gold for blue gems, but am saving for a lot of time for epic flight form now and can’t seem to get above 2k gold), put on some cheap enchants and am ready to go.

Much to my surprise I noticed:
Attackpower: 2049
Critchance: 30.18%

hehe, there's nothing like a big bear in your face!

Holy shit! Seems like high numbers to me with such gear. This ofourse was done with a rogue-view on them, so after some bg’s I view them now correctly. It’s ok, but nothing special. Shredding sometimes gives high numbers and I already had my 3k ferocious bite, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Best thing about feral:

15% speed bonus again!!!

Who cares about 1,5 second cast scare beast with 30 yard range (it’s funny in bg’s though where you get feared all over the map by happy hunters) when you can run fast again. I get the most out of it in Orgrimmar where I am significally faster when I do my mailbox to auction-house runs.

I love it.

As we all know, i can’t break 1850, but still play for the points (and the wellfare epix. I hate that term especially since I think that I am a good PvE-er, better than a lot of others who walk in PvE epix. Wellfare my ass!) My druid/warrior team dropped another 50 points to something like 1675 or so, while my rogue/paladin went 12-1 and won a whopping 150 points. From 1600 to 1750. We only encountered 1 warrior/druid team and managed to beat that one. I made a mistake against a retridin/rogue team and let the paladin drink back up that is what costed us that 1 match. We slaughtered them next match though, but it was nice for a change to see how fluent it went. It at least puts us in a range where some lucky lineups can bring us to 1850. Best of all my buddy Szwok plays like a madman as a healer (something he used to be very sucky at).

The Island is gankparadise. Last time i got 1100 honor in 1 hour with ganking (do you even realise how much nicer that is compared to BG’s and yes I know I get more honor in BG’s). Too bad all the PvE-ers that are farming there now, will be gone soon. It’s like a fishingspot where you know it ends once a certain season starts. All this ganking results in a lot of whines (on the forum you only see alliance whine though) but in game also Horde does not like it. (but don’t stop plx)

For my fellow skullcrusherians. I managed to kill an AFK Effectivity. Hooray me!

Weird guildname (on a hunter, it figures)

Nowadays you see them a lot, but I screened this one the first time i saw it. Lovely.

-- Zhero (bought the new pvptrinket and has 519 resilience now. what 519? yes 519!)