Tuesday, September 30, 2008

7 weeks and what to do?

It is 7 weeks till WotlK (and where the f*ck stays that patch?)! I think they will bring in the patch rather late, because it will fuck up the balance so much that they can not let that last for 7 more weeks. On the other hand they should keep people interested enough for them not to move to warhammer where 7 weeks is still enough time to go from let’s-Try-this-game-till-WotLK-hits-the-stores to zomg-i-already-closed-my-account-cause-i-am-addicted-to-Warhammer. Must be nasty to make such decisions. Personally I would throw in the patch in 2-3 weeks and announce it now. 3-5 weeks of total imbalance is still doable i guess.

What am I doing in the meantime? Basicly I am not doing any arena or battlegrounding (I have 14k honor, I wonder if grinding an extra 13 is still worth it and buy the boomkinstaff or I just buy some boomkinbracers and leave it at that), but spend my time doing things which still are usefull in 7 weeks.

It’s not my factionsheet here, but I am busy grinding rep when I am online and this picture is a motivator. Since knowing about achievements (and my possible addiction to them) I was thinking if I could do things so that my time is not thrown away. Reputation it is. I am not exalted with Orgrimmar, Trolls, Thunder Bluff or Undercity, so I am working on that. Since my IQ sometimes drops 100 points and it can take 30 minutes for it to come back, I was grinding runecloth in Tyr’s Hand (of all places) to deliver for 75 reputation per stack. After 30 mins (and 100 cloth) I alt-tabbed and realized that the reputation you get from lowby quests is very high. I ported, took the road through Razor Hill all the way to ‘The Den” aka starting area for Trolls and Orcs. I killed 10 mottled boars -à 350 rep, I collected 10 apples -à 500 rep. I think you got it now? This is absolutely insane and works wonders. I got like 9k Orgrimmar + Darkspear Trolls reputation from doing the quests in Razor Hill, The Den and Crossroads. Not to mention the hidden reputation you gain for the other Horde factions.

In the mean time, I am working in Skettis to gain Shatari Skyguard reputation (almost revered now) and me and Nimp are working on the Onyxia questline (the good old days). We did LBRS in 20 minutes with all bosses down and a fully gemmed key for UBRS. Amazing how fast you can go when you stealth through everything and just kill the boss.

I remember a 7 hour visit to LBRS back in the days when the documents randomly spawned at a boss and only 1 could loot it. Then you had to go back to another boss (respawns all over) to see if it was there and so on untill all in the group had it. And this was before any nerfs, so loads of mobs, very hard pulls and wipes only to discover that, at 03:30 on a weekday, 1 member of the group still needed the documents….

So still enough to do and if you are interested in fulfilling the 3000 quest done achievement don’t forget to do one of the coolest questlines in the game: The questline (23 quests) of the Fallen Hero of the Horde. It all starts with this quest: http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=2784
I did it on my warlock at 60 and while the first quests are pretty easy, the end was pretty hard (because we did it with 2 people including fighting the demon at the end). The quest now suggests 2 people but that is at lvl 70 :D

-- Zhero (never bored, never out of stuff to do)


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allways fun to read,.. nice stories to start a boring day @ job !



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