Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi, I am mr. Stupid!

Two months ago or so I had to reinstall my PC due to some viruses which f*cked it up beyond repair. And since reinstalling is so much easier than trying to fix the problems (while never knowing if you fixed it all) I decided to do that. Ofcourse I was too lazy to look for any antivirusprogram and install it because i would take better care and not be unlucky this time. Yeah right!

So last night I reinstalled my PC again after looking for subtitles to ‘Zombie Strippers’ which should be a horrible movie, but 2 of my friends insisted on seeing it. I was already too far in it, before I realized I was exposed and vulnerable. Viruses came from all corners and struck powerfully (subtitlesites and my security suck. And using IE sucks as well ofcourse). They got me. Again. 2-0. Game, set and match.

I suck so hard sometimes.

-- Zhero (waiting for S4 as I am reaching 5k arenapoints)


Blogger Daymare said...

Luck can´t last a lifetime unless you die young...fucking epic :)

Too bad about the viruses tho, had my fare share of them as well...
Jonez gave me an awesome anti-virus program thats free, that i use back home in sweden...but cant remember the name of it.

Ask him :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

/peace Jonez

Blogger Zhero said...

I knew you would love that one, Day :D

tnx Jonez, knew about AVG, had a cracked nod32 with auto update running, but this went right passed it.


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