Friday, September 12, 2008

My Kitten Hurts

Yes, I am still here. Yes, I still play WoW and yes I did not write for a long time. Reason unknown or as it pops in my head “I could not be bothered”. Hell, I might have even forgotten about this blog if it wasn’t for “Hos” a warlock on my server that asked me when I would start writing again. That actually made me feel good.

Friday afternoon at the office seems like an appropriate time to start writing again.

Quick char/gear update to cover 3 months of inactivity.

Lock Zhero:
Full s3/s4 (without shoulders and weapon cause I am a noob). 540 resilience! Lol.
I’ve had numerous discussions about this, but chance-to-be-crit still goes down, dot-damage still goes down, just the reduction from critdamage stays at –25%. Since I am the primary target in every arenamatch, it seemed like a good idea. Never bothered with the lock after I used my 75k honor and 5k arenapoints at the start of the season. He sees play a bit lately and I started regemming/respeccing him to what top-locks have (hell, i was thought years ago that it is better to ‘copy’ a good idea than to franticly trying to make it work yourself)

Druid Maix
My precioussssssss. I love this female cow and never had any regrets dumping my lvl 62 MALE (arghhh) cow druid and relevelling a female cow druid. I had s3 healing gear (without blablabla cause i suck blablabla. Old news) and decided to go feral for S4. Not only did I go feral, but decided to really max her out as much as I could. So epic gems all over the place. Still got some S2 parts, but i got points and honor, just no rating. BUT SHE IS AMAZINGLY MUCH FUN TO PLAY. Why bother with other classes if you have a char which can change into something else for 50g? I respecced her healing now to get 1600/1650/1700 with my Lockfriend Nimra to be able to buy the gear. We did not manage any yet, but that will come. YES: CYCLONE IS THAT HARD!

I grinded 5k in 3 days for my epic flightform. Sometimes I think I was a goldfarmer before i reincarnated in a not so succesful arenaplayer. Epic flightform is awesome. I bought 3 epic flying mounts before, but this gave a lot of satisfaction. Even the quests for it are fun to do.

Levelled enchanting to 375 and jewelcrafting to 375 (do you guys have any idea how expensive it is to level from 200 to 300. I think I spend 2k gold on that. No joke L )

My preciousssssssssssss. She will be the first to 80 as it stands now. (and maybe the only one? o_O?!!)

Hunter Jasmina
Made her 70, grinded some honorstuff, levelled a stupid scorpion to best friend (how stupidly long does that take btw) and put her back on hold.

Rogue Kirosta
Full S3 without blablabla. You know. Doing nothing with him besides filling up teams for 10 games and grinding primal airs.

Paladin Soni
Auctionwhore and transmutebot. Good part about having her 70 is that i get a discount cause i am revered with Orgrimmar while depositing unsellable stuff in the auction house.

Mage Sonia
Levelled her to 68,5 for reasons unknown. She will get 70 somewhere before WotlK.

Let’s leave it at this and talk more about my hurting kitty next time. I’ll leave you with some random stuff

- feral druids are hard in arena, cause we can not cause a healing debuff (our damage is fine there)
- when i played with nimkin with my rogue 2v2. (Nimkin as in Nimkin of the Bandit) we went down very low and walked into full s3 war/pala at 1400 rating (THANK YOU CYCLONE, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?)
- I ravaged a mage for 4290 in BG’s.
- I messed up a 37 minute druid/hunter vs. druid/lock (us) fight by letting our pet die 5 times. I am still rusty at healing (read: I suck, but this explanation is plausible).
- I am still in Ravens but not PvE-ing at all (though I need 150 badges for the staff. I had 90 and then spend 60 on the cloak. I am like a woman with money in her pocket. It won’t be there when the shops close)
- I bought a PS3 and busy with hard on Guitar Hero III in between.

-- Zhero


Blogger Muda said...

Fucking finally!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you forgot to mention your going on adventure in warhammer ;)

nice reading again dude i started palying trivian cause i had nothing to read;)

btw wotlk according to wowhead should be available in november

Anonymous Anonymous said...

o and btw

always listen to deadpool :)

Blogger Zhero said...

Maybe I should save honor and arenapoints if WotLK comes in November already. I always thought it would be next year (well, we all read the same forums I guess). So it will be there when it will be there according to Blizzard I guess :D


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