Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Exalted! and Art has left the building.

I am exalted with Shatari Skyguard! A good session with the help of Milkstalker, Lightyears, Daymare and Tool gave me some Terokk kills (500 rep) and some 10 subbosses (100 rep) together with a massive slaughter of birds in Skettis. Scarymary helped me with the last rep as I used my last 30 scrolls. It feels good to close something.

On to the next faction!

I have been doing the lowby quests so i am exalted with Orgrimmar atm and closing in on exalted with Undercity and the Darkspear Trolls. I am still far away from exalted with the Blood Elves, so I might not finish that before WotlK. Other factions that I might do are Mag’har and Consortium since those can be easily solo grinded. (warbeads and zaxxis insignia’s + prison keys). More grindfun in those moments I am able to play. Grinding is relaxing for me, so no worries there.

I bought the moonkinbelt from my last honorpoints and marks, so no more action needed in that area. I got the Nathrazim Mindblade from the Prince in Karazhan which is very good for moonkins due to the crit that it has, so I have no more need for the Merciless Gladiator Staff.

Artanias quit
Long time member Artanias quit the game. He ended his subscription and announced his leave last night. He came to Ravens early in the game as a resto shaman who was focussed on mp/5 (which was ‘kinda’ new at that point) then deleted his shaman in the end to create an alliance druid with the same name on our server. We kinda lost touch there, besides the few times we met him in battlegrounds (I might still have that frapsmoment and will link it later where Nimpie on his hunter kills Art on his feral druid). I will ask Nimpie if I don’t have it. It belongs here. Art on his druid was actually a pretty good ganker and pvp-er. That was even before feral was buffed and considered a valid spec. Then he deleted his druid, rerolled Horde again with an undead mage and became one of our best pvp-ers in the guild after it took him ages to get to 70.

I got to know Art when he was 16 and saw him grow as a person till 19. I liked the player and the person and enjoyed it when he went all crazy on Skype when he died playing on his ps3 or was killed by a hunter or a warlock.

Cya Art!

My guess is that you will be back, but to be able to come back you need to go away first and explore your other interests.

-- Zhero (looking forward to WotLK)


Blogger Artanias said...

Much love man <3

Im pretty sure ill return now, maybe not the second wotlk launches, but no doubt at some point ill be back, like i could ever leave you guys for good! ;)

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