Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back again, like the true reroller I am

Last update oktober 28th 2008. That is a long time ago and I wonder who will be the first (10 gold for you, just write a comment) who will notice that I am back. For how long? Nobody knows, not even me.

Achievements are a pain for rerollers like myself. I've rerolled from druid to paladin to a priest now. Yes, I made a priest (because it is actually one of the few classes (warrior/shaman/dk are the others) which I did not play at endgamelevel. I levelled it together with my friend Sorcia (he on a hunter which he has abandoned already, then levelled his priest which he abandoned as well and now back on his paladin. But that aside) and the powerlevellinghelp of High Warlord Sarabelle. Now each time i reroll i promise myself not to achievementwhore anymore, but everytime after a few weeks i go discover all those fricking places all over again. They should make me uber-explorer or give me a "Columbus"-title for doing it again. When Blizzard finally figures that achievements should be account-bound, I bet they would see a hefty increase in people that try to get them.

Fishing and Cooking
Instead of running round like a headless chicken, or headless owl as you prefer since i did that last time on my druid, I decided to do it otherwise this time. I normally run from achievement to achievement ending up in doing all of them half and completing some I did not know even existed cause they pass my path. Now I choose Cooking+Fishing to go for first, without worriyng about other achievements. Ofcourse I take them when they come along, but i do not go out of my way. I levelled cooking and fishing to 400 in the mean time, am busy with their dailies (outland and wotlk) and try to get as many realistically reachable achievements before moving on to another achievement-area (which will be quests, since they net gold which is always good, even when i reroll).

Only playing 1 comp which is destrolock (Nimp), ele shammy (Sarabelle) and disc priest (me, with satin-set cause of the burst). We're at 1650, very slowly climbing. The reason for being disc with critgear is a slightly different build which gives extra armor and an extra shield when i crit. This is needed to keep the 2 guys alive against double melee to gain extra time. I do not have lasting power (regen is non existent), but people should be dead against 2 casters. I downgraded my resilience from 1000- to 780 in favor of some extra sp+ crit (2000+ now and 20% crit) so my heals mean something. Positive side to all this is that it is actually a nice pve-spec when you have manabatteries going for you. And I can safely dual-spec to shadow and my gear is instantly good. (I actually own in bg's as shadow)...

let me rephrase that: I actually own.

-- Zhero/Maro


Anonymous Skullyman said...

About time you started updating your blog again!!

Anonymous Daymare said...

He´s back :)

Blogger jonez said...

omg no gold for me :S

Blogger Zhero said...

goddamn, you guys are fast. 10g to skullyman.

Blogger Zhero said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Hives said...

finally! :)


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