Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Arena, Nimra and Goldsellers

I’ve been playing with High Faillord Sarabelle (elemental shaman) and Nimra (destruction warlock) with Maro (disc priest with satin(=crit)set and gems). I used to pack 980 resilience but cut back to 780 (now 854 with furious. Hooray for free upgrades) in favor of spellpower since i was lacking that. Now I run at 2100 sp selfbuffed and 19% crit.

I use a 57/14 build with divine aegis (shield on person when i crit with a heal) and inspiration (25% extra armor when i critheal people). With 19% base crit and all my talents I crit a lot and have those shields and extra armor up all the time. As you can imagine, I severly lack regen, but that is because when I am oom and my partners don’t have something down yet, stuff is going in the wrong direction anyway. This is working out ok, I can keep my guys alive through double dps and glyph of painsuppression makes sure I can do it while CC-ed as well. These guys nuke very very hard and 25k warriors can go down in 2 gcd’s. With hex, fear, aoefear and seduce we have ‘ok’ cc.

Tuesdaynight we were at 1648 rating, 2 points short of furious ring (i was honorcapped, so waiting for this baby) and decided to do 10 games. It were the only games of the week since all kinds of festivities made it hard to get online with the 3 of us earlier that week. While we reeched this rating with 80-70 stats (so a bit over 50%) we now started very well. We took down 5 in a row and the system started pairing us with high teams (2k +). This is where it really was strange, because we kept a clean winning rate against teams with projected (and some real) ratings between 1850-2200 and quit after being up 14-5 and being on 1790. It went real smooth. Maybe the lots of games were paying off or maybe it is just the fun we have while playing. There is no bitching, no pointing, just remarks and new plans which we try to carry out. We laugh whether we win or lose and keep a positive attitude all the time and it seems to work (or maybe we were just lucky that evening :D). I can find the buttons more fluently, don’t feel so vulnerable anymore and have a better feel for the damage being dealt to Nimra and Sarabelle, so let them die less frequent.

Ofcourse it is no high-level arena, but I feel at least very good about getting this comp towards 1800. Nice, very nice.

Nimra is a girl?
Talking about Nimra, I found out something disturbing. We were playing late and talking on Skype when he mentioned it was time to quit. He logged out and while i was landing in Ratchet I noticed this in general.
Disturbing to say the least. So Nimra logs out, lies to me about going to sleep and logs in his bloodelf paladin, asking people to join his guild which misleadingly is called “I AM A GIRL” trying to get some cybering going with the male population. I ofcourse did not respond ingame as I think we all are allowed to have some secrets. I quietly logged out and let him have his fun.

It is still disturbing though…

Goldsellers annoying, annoy them back!

-- Zhero/Maro/Maix (learning feral atm)


Anonymous Daymare said...

Heh, never suspected a guy like Nimra with such a deep voice to be a female.
Oh well...

Good to hear your having fun in arena, keep it up :)

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Disturbing to say the least. So Nimra logs out, lies to me about going to sleep and logs in his bloodelf paladin, asking people to join his guild which misleadingly is called “I AM A GIRL” trying to get some cybering going with the male population. I ofcourse did not respond ingame as I think we all are allowed to have some secrets. I quietly logged out and let him have his fun.
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