Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Insane in the membrame

Druid, priest, priest, druid. I am not sure what i am playing at the moment, cause like the true reroller I am, i change on a daily basis. Though I am currently enjoying both, i did something irreversable.

I started with "the Insane" achievement.


I am not sure, but it is certainly something that i do not recommend to other people.

Maybe I want to stand out in a certain way. God knows I suck too much to get any arenaratings going (not even after 4 years of trying so), I am not the hardcore raider, cause I have a hard time meeting time-requirements, so no outstanding Gearscore to be standing still in Dalaran while getting whispered 'Nice Gear' by random players. Or maybe i am just a little Insane in the Membrame. Possibly a combination of all those above.

Possibly i want to be this guy:

or maybe not :D

- Done with Bloodsail Admiral (4 hours of killing gnomes in Booty Bay)
- Done with exalted with all gnomes (running approx. 120 DM North runs and doing the rescue quest)
- Done with exalted Shendralar (yes, those are the night elves in Dire Maul). Pretty expensive this one.
- Closing in on Darkmoon exalted (delivering 100+ decks, still 14 to go for me) REALLY EXPENSIVE
- Have to start pickpocketing 1400 lockboxes to get exalted with Ravenholdt (grinded to revered, that is the easy, really boring, part) NOT looking forward to this.

So i will finish it, cause i started it. I don't know why. Probably I will never know why.

-- Zhero (insane in the membrane, should put it in my Curriculum Vitae!)

PS: Artanias is back in the game. Again, 4th time or so? That dude is a bad quitter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4th time or so you go back to writing on this blog as well, the difference is you never say you´ll quit like Art ;)

great to hear your keeping yourself busy ingame anyway, and great to see your writing here again, keep it up dude!


Anonymous Vacca said...

[i]I love your blog :). It's so well written and damn honest. Good luck with the achievement (future) Insane you! /Hug [/i]

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAYOUS! Back in the blogging business? Or, wait, this was like 4 months ago. Quitter!

-Muda (Currently looking at the top of your head over your pc screen).

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Closing in on Darkmoon exalted (delivering 100+ decks, still 14 to go for me) REALLY EXPENSIVE
- Have to start pickpocketing 1400 lockboxes to get exalted with Ravenholdt (grinded to revered, that is the easy, really boring, part) NOT looking forward to this.
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